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Kim Phillips Consulting Board Member
Global Business Reach -
Project 1

Strategic planning during expansion. Website and social media improvement guidance and networking. Reinvigorating ways to improve international engagement based on common ground through diversity. Networking writers. Innovating ideas connecting growth and development with technology on multiple platforms. 

Kim Phillips Consulting Non-Profit
Non-Profit Partner -
Project 2

Building co-working space and hostel for youth aging from the foster care system. Networking opportunities for growth. Empowering lifestyle learning and business planning strategies, branding, networking organizations, online presence, marketing, and more to 'achieve maximum potential' through skills.

Kim Phillips Consulting Publishing
Publishing -
Project 3 

Author strategist for publishing projects, business planning, web design, editing, branding, marketing strategy, cover design, social media marketing, merchandise, podcasting, and content creation as it relates to online presence. A successful book launch followed. 

Kim Phillips Consulting Online Presence
Online Presence -
Project 4

Digital eco-system designer and strategist including social media presence, development using film shorts, and projects leveraging community goals. Creation of merch store, sponsorships toward programming, and overall presentation for neighborhood involvement and awareness. Content and merch collaboration and development.

Embolden You Become Great
Sample Projects overview current and past executions with future possibilities.
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