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Beginning at the young age of six, Kim organizes her first fundraiser with classmates for CCF or Christian Children's Fund. Now recognized as Child Fund. At seven, she creates a side hustle making custom plant hangers and clay pots for clients.


By the time Kim is in high school, custom order hand drawing singers and musicians for sale. Entering the military by age 20 after continued difficulties with literacy completes a successful tour of duty with an Honorable Discharge.


Upon returning to college graduated with multiple degrees. Including a Bachelor’s in Education.


Along the way, partnering with an extensive resume' of opportunities including multiple Franklin Covey training and certifications. Business Professional and Office Management certifications. Her most recent successful return to college gained a 4.0 in early childhood to partner with her endeavor as a children’s author.


Kim Phillips Consulting births because of years of involvement with a wide breadth of practices. Began with a question at the first publishing meeting years ago, “Is there one place to go with everything I need?”


Immediate reply, “No.”


Thus, Kim begins a journey to learn the business of publishing. Side effects while exploring every quality from social media marketing to networking professionals is the idea to create a means to reach all who could benefit from knowledge, wisdom, insight, and understanding in all areas of publishing and entrepreneurship.


Kim's altruistic innovative aptitude commingles with the 100/20 rule value-driven attitude, meaning provides more value than the client is asking for. Manifesting the impetus for becoming a consultant.


Creating a co-working hub and hostel for entrepreneurs and youth aging from foster care and the juvenile system near and far. Empowering lifestyle learning and business strategies to achieve maximum potential. In conjunction with amassing a networking mecca hosting businesses, organizations, and more.


Improving entrepreneurial and intrapreneur goals globally. Co-work "work. life. balance" events. Meet Up events both nationally and internationally. 


Today, Kim dedicates a portion of her time to community improvement projects, networking businesses internationally, and maturing the breadth of relationships with all that encompasses entrepreneurial pursuits. Passing on her winning perspective to clients. Supporting enduring focus for 10X success.


Encouraged by David Meltzer's personal feedback, and motto, "Make a lot of money, help a lot of people, have more fun." The challenge is to adopt the life goal to empower one thousand people to empower thousands ad infinitum toward happiness. Everything is through Kim for everyone. 


Kim is determined to meet and exceed goals in kindness, and radical humility, and reach the fullest potential by living a persistent consistent inspired life encouraging those 1,000 people NOW.  

Can you see any reason why you would not want to move forward with Kim's principle-based experienced approach?

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